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St. George college



ICT Enabled Classrooms

Our Classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated with comfortable seating arrangements. We have Audio Visual Equipment like LCD Projectors and screens for visual presentations, documents for aided teaching. We have internet enabled systems in select classrooms. We conduct Guest Talks & Lectures in our classrooms and seminar halls.


There are hostels for boys and girls. They are looked after under the care of an experienced house warden who is available and caters to their needs. It offers double and triple sharing rooms with various facilities like Wi-Fi in common study hall, 24/7 security with entry based on biometrics To ensure that the students left in our care by their parents are kept occupied in healthy activities, the hostel has provided recreational facilities so that the girls may involve themselves in sports and games. Indoor and outdoor facilities for games and sports are made available for those students who are interested in sports. A healthy and hygienic environment is maintained so that the hostellers enjoy their stay in the institution. In the event that a student is ill and is in need of medical attention they are immediately referred to the Hospital. Breakfast and dinner facility is available for the residents. The transportation is also convenient, and many buses pose for the purpose.



A small food court providing snacks, savories, hot and cold beverages, lunch facilities to our staff, students and guests at our canteen. It is a break-away from work and research activities.


The library has over 15000 books, 20 journals & periodicals & 10 magazines for the users. There is an improved collection of printed general knowledge resources for competitive exams. There is a display of signboards to help users to locate books in the library. The library has a good collection of Reference Books which are regularly used by the students and teachers. Scanned and Spiral-bound Question Banks are available in the library. There is a separate reprography section where the users can photo-copy, scan, print, download and e-mail within the library. The main function of the library is to provide updated library material that supports the academic curriculum. Material is composed in all formats, to broaden the data base and update all collections to meet student and faculty requirements. The library also assists the college, students and staff in identification and effective use of information. The library has a collection of rare books apart from the latest books in all major disciplines.


Anatomy Lab

The Anatomy & Physiology lab was created to introduce the structure and function of the human body. It deals with the study of cells, tissues and membranes that make up our bodies and how our major systems function to help us develop and stay healthy.


Biotechnology Lab

Biotechnology is an application of knowledge about living organisms and their components. St. George College of Nursing, since its inception, has been constantly putting in dedicated efforts to the utilization of biotechnological developments in its laboratory, which is furnished with the latest equipments for facilitating current developments in biotechnology. The state-of-the-art apparatus and incubators in our laboratory help the students in areas of animal reproduction, plant tissue culture, animal and plant genetics, production efficiency and food quality. Students in the biotechnology laboratory are trained in identification of genes that confer a high degree of disease resistance in animals and plants, thereby leading to a reduction in the use of drugs in animal and plant production. Special attention in our laboratory is given to the search of key genes data, associated with economically important traits such as growth, meat quality, milk composition, ovulation rate and others. This gives the student a clear basis for biotechnology in general with respect to its recent growth. Further our laboratory gives the student an insight in biotechnology developments, offering the potential to manipulate the genetic makeup of animals and plants by the addition, modification or deletion of genes.


Microbiology Lab

Microbiology is the study of living organisms of microscopic size. Our microbiology laboratory includes the most recent facilities, which are used by the students for the identification of bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and virus. We give special attention in our microbiology laboratory to food processing, the concept which has caught the imagination of consumers worldwide. The food processing techniques as above are highly convenient for usage, besides providing taste, variety and above all nutrition. The sophisticated microscope in use at our lab helps the students to identify and recognize microorganisms. The problems related to environmental pollution, the need to recycle natural resources, the high technology in the field of biological Engineering and other related topics are the main functions our microbiology laboratory tries to cater. The students, while working in the laboratory, also gain insights in various fields like medical microbiology, aquatic microbiology, aero microbiology, food microbiology, agrochemical microbiology and others.


Computer Lab

We have a spacious, fully air-conditioned and well-planned computer lab with the latest hi-tech configuration of hardware and software to support all the academic and additional programme. We are also fortunate to have more than 80 nodes with updated peripherals, higher end operation and application software. LAN system with two Windows NT Servers. Internet Connections & Web Browsing facility. Computer Lab Facility is available from 8.30 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs